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Features of EGL S8 6 Volts Weighing Scale Motherboard

  1. All in one card
  2. Double Sided PCB
  3. Red/Green 0.56" segment
  4. Available in 6 Volts
  5. Display on board
  6. Based on 24 bit ADC for better stability with 10 million+ counts
  7. ADC section covered with White GLUE for Moisture Protection.
  8. Net/Gross function.

  9. Stable charging voltage supporting both lead acid and lithion ion battery

  10. Piece counting, M+, Hold, Litre/Kg.

  11. Three Capacity with three Accuracy.

  12. Sleep mode function for battery saving.

  13. Dummy zero activation.

  14. Calibration and function lock with password.

  15. User friendly Firm name feeding and starting set up.

  16. Single key and Dual key calibration function.



EGL S8 6 Volts Card

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