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Load Cells

We deal in all range of quality and branded load-cells all over India. We have channels of importing directly and providing best prices and fulfilling bulk orders.
Get door to door delivery of all range of load cells.

Loadcell 3 hole

3 Hole: 601 AC

Loadcell for Weight Scale

Table Top: 601 

Loadcell Small

Table Top: CZL601


642: 25x25 25mm

Jumbo Steel Loadcell


3 hole loadcell

3 Hole CZL601AC


642: 25x25 (25,30,35,40 mm)

Jewellery loadcell

Jewellery Load Cell

Steel Loadcell

SS Regular: 25x35

S type Loadcell

S Type

Load Cell

Shear Beam Loadcell

Shear Beam Load Cell

S type Loadcell

S Type Load Cell

Loadcell 300kg

646: 25x35 (Aluminium)

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