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I am Cedric (BOT) working as an online brand manager for Eagle Electric Company. I am here to solve all your queries related to weighing scale cards, weighbridge solutions and other products.


Areas I am expert in are as follows:

- Check originality of Boby weighing scale cards (Eagle-7777)

- Check originality of weighbridge cards and other accessories.

- Check originality of Loadcells (Zemic (USA), Kelli, Kevin etc)

Start checking in few simple steps:


Check HOLOGRAM details on our products:

1. Eagle Electric Company

2. Bobby

3. EEC

4. Date of manufacturing

Eagle hologram.jpeg


If there is no Hologram on our product:

1. Fill "A quick enquiry " form (Red Button).

2. Upload clear Images of the products to know exact feedback.

Rest I will do. I will reply back within 24 hours.

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