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Features of EGL S7 6 Volts Weighing Scale Motherboard

  1. Works on 6 Volts only
  2. Speed set function available
  3. Double Sided PCB
  4. ADC 0809
  5. Power Supply on board 
  7. Based on HX710 ADC for better stability
  8. Can be used with 0.5", 0.8 and 1" Display
  9. Net and Gross function
  10. Three capacity with three accuracy
  11. Sleep mode for battery saving
  12. Dummy zero feature available
  13. Calibration and function lock with password
  14. User friendy firm name feeding and starting set up
  15. Hardware calibration lock
  16. Different type of starting styles available
  17. Piece counting, manual tare, peak hold, litre/KG and set point function available with this card

EGL S7 6 Volts Card

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